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This natural hair website has over four hundred pages of black hairstyles pictures, natural hair styles, product reviews, hair product giveaways, and other natural hair information.

With that in mind, I created this “start here” page so new comers can easily find exactly what they’re looking for!


This site is a labor of love so feel free to share this website with friends and families who are natural or are thinking about becoming natural!

So, where to first?

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Black Hairstyles Pictures:

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The braiding gallery is where I’ve featured lots of braids hairstyles (WITH LOTS OF PICTURES AND HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS) – including Senegalese twists, tree braids, cornrow styles, flat twists, and much more!

black hair designsThe teen hair gallery is where I feature hairstyles designed with natural haired teenagers in mind! These styles are usually done on either myself or one of my older sisters.

African American kids hairstyles The children’s hairstyle gallery is dedicated to African American kids hairstyles – for tightly curled hair of every length and texture!

natural hair growthIf you’d like to learn how to grow your natural hair out to great lengths, fear not because I’ve written a page all about this. Here I’ll talk about what you need to do and what you really should not do.

black hair care productsIf you’re just starting out and need to know the tools that you and your curls will need to grow and flourish, I’ve written a page on all the natural hair needs.

nappy hairThe one thing that I never stress enough is the importance of detangling natural hair the correct way. You can play around with different products and hair styles but this is one topic that you MUST be doing correct or you’ll never see any new hair growth.

about usAlthough we do accept guest posts and feature other naturals, most of the content of this website is written and edited by yours truly. To learn a bit more of the faces behind the scences, check out our About Us! page.

about usIf you have comments, concerns, suggestions, wanna sponsor a giveaway, whatever, don’t hesitate to contact us in the form below! All information will be kept confidential unless you ask otherwise. I ask some additional questions about your hair – if you’re natural, how long you’ve been natural of if you’re thinking about going natural, so I can more fully respond to your submissions.

about usI’m very excited to announce that we are now accepting hair related guest posts! I want this website to be amazing and what makes it’s amazing is you! Please share your hair tips, hair care advice, hair trumps, hair fears, and much, much more!

Thanks for reading Black Hairstyles Pictures!

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