The Best Black Hair Care Products

I wanna talk about the best black hair care products because I get a lot of questions about this. 

Here’s a page on what you NEED from one curly to another.

It varies from person to person, but there a few that every natural should have to make your natural hair journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible!  

The Best Black Hair Care Products:

Wide Tooth Comb: 

This comb can be used for detangling and styling. This should be the first hair tool you use on your hair. You might wanna get two, one for the room where you style your hair, and another one with a hook that you can keep in your shower. 

Rat Tail Comb: 

This is something that I use A LOT, but it’s not something everyone needs. If you only wear your hair in wash and go’s, twist/braid outs, and all natural, then you don’t need it. However, if you wear cornrows, flat twists, or any type of braid that you need to part your hair several times, then yeah, I recommend you get one of these. Preferably one with a metal tail. 

Hair Clips:

I have about a million of these in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re great for washing your hair in sections, for keeping hair sectioned while braiding or twisting, and for assisting in updos. They are a lot of different ones out there; my favorite on being the alligator clips and octopus clips.

Ponytail Holders: 

Very handy for everything. The plain metal-free ones are the best kinds. 


The ideal natural hair shampoo should be pH balanced and sulfate-free. However, if you find one that breaks either one of those “rules”, but works for your hair, don’t worry too much about it. But it must work for your hair, that’s the most important thing.


You should ALWAYS have lots of conditioner on hand. I use conditioner as a leave-in, a conditioner, and a moisturizer. My favorite ones are Suave, Garnier, Pantene, and VO5. The brand doesn’t matter too much to me. 


It’s very important that your hair has moisture. I use a lot of different ones. I often use conditioner, but sometimes I’ll make my own. I recently discovered Beautiful Curls leave-in and I am IN LOVE with this product.

Natural Hair Oils: 

Some people swear by it, but I rarely use hair oils. I mostly use them in the shower to get out my shed hairs, and do occasionally use a little oil to bring a little life into my twist outs, but that’s about it. It really depends on the person I suppose. 

And that should just about do it for the best black hair care products! These are all products that I highly recommend that your own. There are so many different things out there now for natural hair that I really wanted to make a quick list of the things that naturals actually need.

Hope about Black Hair Care Products helps someone! 

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