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Articles on Black Braided Hairstyles, Hair Care & More:


This post is all about choosing products for curly hair.

It’s no secret that great African American hair care products can help your natural hairstyles last longer, which will help with natural hair growth, protective styling, and length retaining!

In this post I will share some of my favorite all natural hair products as well as give some tips on choosing ones for yourself!

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Hair beads, ribbons, and bows are often added to little girls’ braids and hairstyles to make them seem cuter.

Here I’ll show you some different ways you can put them in your little ones hair, as well as some overall tips on accessorizing.

Of course, these are just a few of MY favorite ways. Don’t let that limit you to what you do though!

First you need to understand that I almost never add beads into Bunny’s hair. I do use a lot of ouchless ponytail holders, and occasionally a headband or some rubber bands. Only about once a month will you find something shiny in her hair.


Because anything placed on the ends of her hair break her hair really badly after just two or three days. This means I’d have to remove each and every one every night then add it back in the morning. Something neither one of us wants to do. Plus they hit her in the face in gymnastics or get ripped out when she’s rough housing with siblings.

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So what is a healthy relaxed hair care routine for children? Not this, I’m sure!

Destroying your own hair, scalp and mind with the whole “good hair bad hair” term is one thing, but when you pull kids into it, you really are “odd”. Not always, but a huge chuck of people with relaxed hair suffer with breakage, scalp scabs, brittle ends, shrinking hair line, and a few other problems.

Then why sell this stuff?

Simple, because there is a lot of money to be made in the African-American hair care industry. And people love money. Studies have shown that African-American women visit a salon on an average of once every three weeks, while Caucasian women visit about once every 7-8 weeks. Hair relaxers make up the largest segment of this market.

Styling aids (i.e. gels, oils, sheens, holding sprays, and setting lotions) are also common, along with moisturizing and conditioning products (including pomades, brillatines, texturizers, scalp protectors, colorants and curl activators).

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I just wanna say that a black hair relaxer is different than a hair perm. A perm is something that you can apply to straight hair and it makes it curly. I am referring to hair relaxers in this post, where it takes the curl out of hair.

I want to make this very clear right here and now: I am NOT against relaxed hair! Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, on to the actual writing!

I love my hair and, definitely more importantly, I love that my little sister is in love with her hair. We both have natural hair. She’s been natural all her life while I transitioned over to natural hair about three years ago. I no longer have any relaxed ends on my hair but I do choose to keep my hair around a medium length – the longest part landing on the top of my bra.

No waist length for me.

(Maybe down the road, but not at this point in my life.)

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“Hey guys! I have been getting black hair relaxers (I’m mixed but people say my hair needs a super strong one) all my life and I was thinking of going natural.

I’m a little nervous though because I don’t wanna spend ten years on my hair. So, which is easier?”
–K in NY

Hello K!

I’ve heard it both ways, that natural hair is easier because you can do your hair in any way whenever you feel like it. But I’ve also heard that relaxed hair care in so much simpler because you can keep your hair in a bun for a month, do a touch up, then back into a hair bun it goes.

Let’s compare, shall we?

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Here’s a guest post regarding black hair shampoo. Enjoy!

Perfect Shampoo for African American Women

Even though most shampoo products look to be nearly interchangeable, there are some that will work better for black hair than others. The reason for this is that the natural curls of black hair have a specific need that must to be treated during normal washing. The curls prevent oil from the scalp from coating the hairs, thereby leaving a dry feeling that can be hard to counter.

Although many shampoo products claim to be moisturizing, what they do is actually increase the dryness due to several ingredients that are commonly added to the formulations. In particular, sodium lauryl sulphate, also called sodium laureth sulphate, is a component that is excellent for cleaning, but will also remove the natural oils. For a black woman, a better option is to find a product that uses other cleaning ingredients to maximize the moisture of the hair.

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