Big Curly Hair – Perfecting the Twist Out!

If you want big curly hair but your curly pattern is very tight, a twist out is probably what you’ve been looking for.

It makes thick, fluffy hair into curls with circumference of a pencil, marker, or even a piece of sidewalk chalk, which ever you prefer.

Keep reading to learn the art of perfecting the twist out!

Want this look?

Just so you know, it took me about three or four attempts at a twist out to be at the point where I wouldn’t dive under a table when someone asked who’d done Bunny’s hair.

With all that said, don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice and you’ll master it soon enough!

From start to finish, you’ll need… shampoo, conditioner, wide tooth, and some type of natural hair oil

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Wet, clean hair fresh from the shower

You can do a twist out on dry hair, but I think it’s easier to learn on wet hair first. For the purpose of this page, let’s just assume that you’re starting with wet hair.

If you want to remove the twists right away, let the hair a little bit first because twists take longer to dry than loose hair does.

You’ll need your shampoo about now. I wash Bunny’s hair in braids because her hair shrinks up really tightly when water touches her hair.

For a while there she wasn’t retaining length and I was very frustrated, then I begin washing her hair in braids and now she’s getting half an inch a month again!

Some may find this method to be gross, but keep in mind that I let about two inches of roots unbraided so she can scrub her scalp and the ends loose so they’re cleaned too.

big curly hair

Detangled Hair

The next step is pictured above, you will need to detangle and while the hair is wet is the best time to do so!

Use a wide tooth comb and some conditioner.

Undo one section at a time, detangle, then begin twisting. If you’d rather use a moisturizer for the twists, rinse the conditioner out with COLD water, then begin twisting.

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Twists going in….

Take your time and try to get all your twists roughly the same size. I don’t use a comb to section the size of the twists, but just take a guess really. You can use a comb but it’s slower.

african american wedding hairstyles

Twists all finished!

Removing the twists is super easy! All you have to do is add a little (jojoba, coconut, olive, OR peanut) oil to each twist, then carefully remove them one at a time.

The trick is to leave them all as defined as possible during the removal, then separating and fluffing afterwards. You can always mess it up a little, but it’s much harder to get them more defined!

Well, that’s all the tips I have for getting big curly hair for today. Thanks for reading and happy hair doin’!

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