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Can you do a page on the best hair regrowth products please?

I’m really enjoying your website but I’m having a very hard time mastering the whole natural hair growth thing. Thanks! Jade from Colorado.

Hey guys! And thank you Jade for the kind words! They’re very appreciated 🙂

I hope your Thanksgiving was an awesome one filled with lots of blessings and family and laughter. And for all of you black Friday shoppers out there, I hope you found everything you were looking for and had fun!

I haven’t been posting too much lately so today (tonight actually) I just wanted to do a quick post on my little sisters natural hair growth, which is linked to the question that I got this morning.

Best Hair Regrowth Products:

Early this year, around January or February of 2011

This was just a week or two ago of this month – November 2011


This picture was taken in the beginning of the year – January 2011
Her hair was a little bit past arm pit length here

Lastly, I took this one about a week ago – November 2011
And now her hair is just grazing waist length

From arm pit length hair to waist length hair in just a year! Who needs the best regrowth products when you’re very capable of achieving long hair with proper care and keeping!

I think people assume that she’s always had nice hair because she’s always been natural, when that’s not the case at all.

She used to hate hair time because I sucked at detangling (Yes, I’m ashamed about that now but it’s true) and I greased her hair and brushed her edges with rough brushes and ripped ponytails in and out of her hair…

Yes, it’s a miracle that she’s still alive.

One day I was doing her hair and she was mad because I was probably hurting her and I thought, why does hair time have to hurt? After that I started caring for her hair very gently and within a month I noticed new growth!

The next few weeks I learned how to twist and cornrow her hair (I hadn’t discovered hair blogs and youtube yet so it was a very slow process!)

I learned a lot in that 4/5 months. It was around Christmas when I discovered the internet I thought, I can show people how to do this… And the rest is history.

Summery: You really don’t need hair products to grow you hair. All you need is some patience, hair care practice, and protective styles! Make it a game and discover how fast does hair grow in a year, how to grow hair fast in the summer time, and so on and so on!

Just a reminder to you ladies out there that it’s never too late to grow your natural hair long, strong, healthy, and HUGE! 🙂 Have a wonderful evening!

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