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Here you’ll find our personal favorite of the following:

  • Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Natural Hair Conditioner
  • Natural Hair Moisturizer
  • & More!

All of the natural hair growth products below are ones
that we personally use and highly recommend to help you grow your hair long,
strong, healthy, and huge!

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Best Hair Care Products:

Shampoos for Champions:

It’s no secret that natural hair shampooos tend to be expensive, so pick one carefully!

Also, take note that we use both sulfate free shampoos AND ones with sulfates for clarfying.

For weekly shampooing, we use a nice gentle one to gently clean curls.

Every couple of weeks (usually every four-to-six weeks), we use a harsher shampoo to strip build up, dirt, and right after our hair was been exposed to pool chemicals!

Conditioners for Legends:

Moving right along to rinse out conditioners (RO) and deep conditioners (DC)!

I know people swear by their RO’s and DC’s, but I’ve never been too picky with either.

As long as it gives hair that little extra umph, that’s all that I require of it!

Detanglers for the Undefeated:

Picking a great detangler is SOOOO important! Probably thee most important product you will ever use!

Rough detangling will result in breakage, so take your time and be careful!

Here are a couple of my favorites!

Moisturizers & Leave In Conditioners for Bosses:

I LOVE a great moisturizer and so do curls!

I moisturize every single day, focusing on ends, hair lines, and edges where breakage is most likely to happen.

Sealers & Holders for the Protagonist:

For people with naturally dry hair, try sealing in your moisturizer for longer lasting results!

Also, for people who like to braid, cornrow, or twist their hair, try using a product for “hold” to make your style last longer!

Tips & Tools:

And finally, here are a couple of products to make your hair journey a little easier!

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