Bantu Knots & Zulu Knots


Bantu knots, also called Zulu knots, are a great protective style and conversion starter.

These hair buds are created by wrapping the hair around itself to create a hair knot.

TIP! Try doing a cornrow design or a couple flat twists in the front!


This hairstyle high points include the fact:

  • This hairstyle can be done with any hair length
  • Is a protective hairstyle
  • For people of all ages
  • Can be done with locks, too

Bantu Knots | Guide on how to do them - Beginner Friendly Tutorial

To create this awesome hairstyle, start with clean, detangled hair. Hair can either be dry, damp, or wet.


However, the hair can take up to several days to completely dry if your hair is very long and you do the knots while the hair is wet.

You’ll Need:

Start by parting the hair in the style of your choice and clipping the rest of the hair out of the way.

You can get away with making large parts if the hair is short. Regardless of your hair length, take your time on the parts and try to keep everything as neat as possible.

Next, begin twisting the hair, then twisting it around itself to form the knot.Tuck the end of the hair underneath itself tightly so the knot doesn’t unravel.

You’ll probably get it on the first try because it’s super easy!


Carefully unwrap the hair a few days later and rock your curly afro!


The biggest drawback to this ‘do is that – I know this from personal experience – they can be challenging to sleep on.


I know people who sleep with them in and have no problem, but I had trouble falling a sleep with bantu knots all over my head.

Also, once they’re dry, you can remove them for a nice curly little afro!

Bonus hairstyle? Yes, please =)

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