Alicia Keys Cornrows

I did some Alicia Keys cornrows last night on one of my older sisters!

She’d never had beads in her hair before but she loves them. I’m still pretty new at replicating styles, but I think this one turned out pretty well.

I plan on doing one or two more Alicia Keys styles before the year is over, not sure which ones, but if you’d like to see a certain one, go here to send me a picture and I’ll do my best!


The Original……

…..And The Copy-Cat

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Alicia keys cornrows

Notice the way I parted her hair

To begin, I parted her in half, from one ear to the other one and clipped the back section out of the way for now.

Then, I parted the top section in half, slightly off to one side, with a small sweep to the side as pictured above.

alicia keys cornrows

Once parted, I did cornrows on both sides of her hair, all going backwards towards her neck.

I did them fairly small, but nearly as small as Alicia’s just because I was feeling a little lazy.

Sorry about that.

alicia keys cornrows” height=

Lastly, I braided and twisted all the top braids together for a braided headband, then finished up with cornrows going straight back.

I added purple beads (her favorite color) and finished in the time it took to watch the movie Kick-A**. (Great movie by the way.)

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