Afro Puffs

Wearing one or several afro puffs is a good choice if your hair isn’t long enough for a ponytail yet, you like the look of it, or are having one of those days when you need a ten minute hairstyle.

Ponytail puffs have been one of my favorite hair styles for forever!

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jehaan

Before you wear your hair out, I recommend you start by washing it with a mild, pH balanced shampoo and conditioning it for a minimum of twenty minutes.

TIP! Try to keep some heat on your hair while you condition by sitting under a blow dryer or by keeping a towel wrapped around your shower cap to keep your body heat in.


Once hair is washed and conditioned, you can wear a wash & go (the name speaks for itself) or you can achieve more volume by stretching your hair.

To do this, part hair into about six sections and start putting ponytail holders down the length of the hair to “stretch” out the curl pattern.

When using a headband or scarf, place it around your head at your hairline and slowly pull it up (and tighter when using a scarf) until you like the way it looks.

If you wanna dress up your puff, try using a braided headband, silk headband, or long, colorful earrings.

Or try doing more than one puff!

Now go have fun with your brand new hairstyle!

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