African American Wedding Hairstyles – The Perfect One

There really aren’t that many African American wedding hairstyles out there, so when my cousins wedding FINALLY rolled around, I had no idea about what I wanted to do with Bunny’s hair.

We bounced around a few different ideas for weeks, everything from a braid out to a twist out to a Bantu knot out (there’s a lot of “outs”) to Curlformers.

After talking about it for awhile, we decided on this style!

African american wedding hairstyles

Her wedding hairstyle

What all of you don’t know is that I have been working on my twist outs for MONTHS now!

Twist outs are my very favorite natural hair style out there and I really wanna learn how to a great one and I am so proud of this one.

Future African American wedding hairstyles, here we come!

African american wedding hairstyles” height=

Products used:

* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Wide Tooth Comb
* A Hair Bow
* Lots of hair clips to section
* Peanut Oil

To begin this hair do, I washed Bunny’s hair (for those of you that don’t know this, Bunny is my nine year old sister) in four braids with Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo.

I didn’t focus too much on her strands, but on her scalp instead because that’s where the product build-up would be.

african american wedding hairstyles

Here is what her twists looked like

Once her hair was washed, we went to our room and put a movie on while I started her hair.

I clipped three of the sections out of the way, leave one free in the back.

I sectioned off an inch-by-inch section, added lots of VO5 conditioner, combed it through one more time, then started two-strand twisting the section, twirling her hair’s ends around my finger when I reached them.

african american wedding hairstyles

Here’s what her hair looked like before I fluffed and separated her curls

Okay so this part is really important! I tied a scarf around the edges of her hair while I was twisting.

This way, her twists wouldn’t start right along her hairline for a cleaner, neater look.

african american wedding hairstyles

Here is the back of her twists

And the white stuff is conditioner

I removed her twists two days later.

To do so, I added peanut oil over the twist, then slowly pulled the two strands apart.

I am so proud of myself for achieving this hairstyle.

I’ve wanted to do a really great twist out for several months now!

I’m pretty excited.

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