African American Natural Hairstyles – How To Remove Them

African American natural hairstyles are so gorgeous!

Okay, okay, so maybe I’m a bit biased about that though… but certain styles can put up a fight when trying to remove them.

I really wanna stress that removing styles and detangling are some of the biggest factors to why so many people believe their hair isn’t grow.

And that’s because breakage is most likely to happen when you’re handling your hair while it’s dry.

Hope this helps to remove future African American Natural Hairstyles!

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Learn how I removed this hairstyle

African American Natural Hairstyles

For removing African American Natural Hairstyles you’ll need:

african american natural hairstyles

After I’ve taken a few cornrows down, I’ll un-clip them and put them into a chubby braid

I began in the back, taking out the back row of cornrows first. I think there were eight.

Using a little conditioner, I saturated the ends of the braids, then used the tail of a rat tail to pull out a few “stiches” of the braid out at a time.

The biggest thing is being patient, because after years of taking down styles, it really isn’t that fun anymore. So distract! Turn on the TV, let your little one use the iPad, anything to keep their attention elsewhere!

african american natural hairstyles

Finger detangling

Curly/natural hair LOVES to tangle, so I try and keep this to a minimum by keeping Bunny’s hair as stretched out and long as possible.

After a take a braid out, I use my fingers, not a comb, to gently pull out as many tangles as I can. Once I’ve done that, I use clips to pin that hair out of the way and continue removing braids.

Under no circumstance will I put ponytail holders into dirty hair. Trying to get it out would surely result in breakage.

african american natural hairstyles

A big knot

Every once in a while – not matter how careful – you will run into big knots like this. Don’t panic, don’t ignore it, and DON’T reach for a pair of scissors.

Simply dampen the knot with a little water and coat that with some type of oil (peanut olive, olive oil, soybean, e.i.). Water and oil don’t mix so it helps make the hair pull away from each other.

Carefully separate the hair with your fingers and you’re good to go!

And a dreaded little knot

And – from time to time, you will also run into the small knots.

I HATE these ones because I’m both near sighted and far sighted so it’s hard for me to see them.

However, I remove them the same way as I remove the bigger ones – with some oil, water, and patience.

african american natural hairstyles

A simple style she wore while I was still taking her old style

Lastly, a tip I wanna share is that you don’t have to remove the hairstyle all in the course of one day. I was almost finished when Bunny let out this loooooooooooooong sigh.

Even though she had toys and the TV on to keep her occupied, she was getting restless so I put all her loose hair into two Dutch braids with a bun in the back and let her go outside to play. I didn’t finish removing her hair out until the next day – when she was good and ready.

I will do everything in my power to insure that she’ll never hate her hair. Walking around with a boring style is nothing compared to hating your hair because it takes too long to do.

I hope this helps!

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