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African American Kids Hairstyles was one of thee most viewed pages on this site of all time!

That page has twenty different childrens hairstyles to jump to already, so I wasn’t going to add any more, however, seeing as this is a new year; I figured I would add just one more for old time sake!

Cheers to the new year!

I hope that we all can accomplish things that have been eluding us, make better choices, and live a better, safer, healthier life! And I promise many more African American kids hairstyles!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Like most of my African American kids hairstyles, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Pictured left is how I parted her hair. I parted in half first, clipping the left side out of the way. After that, I parted the right section into three different sections.

I began in the bottom right section. I used a mixture of hair clips and ponytail holders to keep the rest of her hair out of the way. I parted that section in half, the horizontal way. I began cornrowing her hair, making the cornrows go downward.

For clearity, I’ll call that section “A-right”. Look at the picture on the left. After that I began cornrowing her hair. The cornrows start at the top of the section and the bottom, meeting in the middle.

So the top row of the cornrows in section A-right meet in the middle, where I did a simple cornrow with the free hair going towards the middle part (the original part, the one that halved her hair).

After that fancy cornrow design, I moved up a little bit and did a single, simple cornrow, tying it off with a green rubber band.

After the single cornrow, I did another iversion cornrow design with the next section, which I will call B-right.

After I did the B-right design, I did another single cornrow.

I finished out the last section with the iversion cornrows, which I’ll call C-right. At the very end I did a single cornrow in front of that and was completely finished with all the cornrowing.

After I finished the side cornrows, I moved to the other side and did loose, rope twists. If I could redo this hairstyle, I would make the sister twists/rope twists be regular two strand twists instead because they’re much fuller. Oh well, I’m still very pleased on how her hair turned out.


Here’s what the back looked like!

The whole process took about three hours and I’m hoping to get three weeks out of this hair style.

Bunny’s pretty hard on her hair so I doubt that will happen, but I can still dream!

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