You'll Love These African American Hairstyles!

African American Hairstyles often include braided mohawks, cornrow styles, two strand twists, or hair beads.

These hair styles are beautiful and often different than what you usually see in the media and what other people are wearing.

They’re incredibly versatile and can last for days or weeks at a time.

african american hairstyles

African American Hairstyles

Woven Cornrows w/ Box Braids Tutorial
Today I’m going over natural hair care and braiding because often times they go hand in hand. When you’re dealing with children with natural hair, it’s even more important to do something with their hair to keep it from tangling or matting while it dries and even after.

Side Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Black natural hair styles vary from cornrows styles to braided undo’s to braided Mohawks; arguably the most versatile of any hair type. For this hairstyle, I combined both rope twists and cornrows for a side cornrowed Dutch braided Mohawk kind of hairstyle.

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Hallowed Inspired Spider Cornrows Tutorial
African-American natural hair styles are so unique and fun that it's impossible to list them all, but here's one of a cornrowed, spider design updo perfect for crazy hair day or Halloween

Side Cornrows w/ Two Strand Twists Tutorial
This Twists Plus Cornrows hairstyle is good for someone not ready to commit to a full out braided Mohawk, but still enjoys the look of the side cornrows.

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Zig Zag Braids Tutorial
Once you’ve mastered how to cornrow and want to add spice to any of your hairstyles, Zig Zag Braids are a great way to go! You can make these braids up into a ponytail, into several ponytails, into a braided Mohawk, or anything else you can think of.

Side Cornrows w/ Two Strand Twists Tutorial
After many questions about my cornrow hairstyles and concerns about how many of them seem very difficult, I decided to do any easy cornrow style for all the moms, aunts, sisters, and cousins who are just learning to cornrow or just haven’t master it yet.

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Woven Cornrows Bunned Mohawk Tutorial
This is my first of many African American hairstyles for thick curly hair. It's the first cornrow design, braided Mohawk hairstyle that I’ve ever done but it turned out nicely and I absolutely love it!

Alicia Keys Inspired Braids Tutorial
For the record, I love Alicia Keys braids. I can’t think of a single one of her hair styles that I don’t absolutely love! She’s one of the only celebrities that I know of who wears braids and I think they really fit her personality and face.

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Half Cornrows w/ Two Strand Twists Tutorial
This is the Down Hairdo that Bunny wore for a cousin's graduation. She wore it for a couple days then we did a twist out. She loved the style and I loved it because it took less than two hours.

Braided Twisted Mohawk Tutorial
The latest of my hairdos for curly hair is this half Mohawk, braided hawk type thing. I don’t really know what else to call it. My sister, Julie, volunteers with horses and disabled children so she wanted something very simple that she could wear to the stables for the next week or so and here’s what I came up with.

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Easy Twist Hairstyle
I think everyone likes the twist hairstyle. It's a great hairstyle because you can do it on any length, texture, and on wet or dry hair. I just wanted to create a page that highlights a few of the MANY different ways you can wear your two strand twists, rope twists, sister twists, and three strand twists! Enjoy!

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