African American Hair Growth Tips

Here is another page on African American hair growth tips.

You can find the first one here, or you can just read this one.

I never planned on writing another page on this topic because length really isn’t that important to me, but after being asked to write another page several times by several different people, I gave in.

I hope this new page helps to answer any natural hair growth questions that you may have!


I wanna point out that more hair is MORE WORK.

Yes, long hair is beautiful, but it also comes with commitment and is harder than shorter hair when it comes to detangling, stretching, conditioning, washing, etc.

TIP ONE – Moisture

It’s mighty hard to get something thirsty and brittle to grow long and strong. Remember that water is your friend and that your hair loves it.

Leave-in, conditioner, moisturizer; remember that these things are critical in retaining length. Brittle, dry hair breaks and looks a lot less pretty than moisturized hair.

TIP TWO – Detangle with care & love

Don’t just grab a pick and go to town with it. Your hair should always be wet when detangling as well as filled with conditioner or some type of hair detangler.

Don’t even bother working with your hair when you’re upset or you will quickly become frustrated. Take your time and start when you’re calm, well feed, well rested, etc. Whatever it takes.

TIP THREE – Protect your ends at all cost!

Put the beads down, put your hair in a bun, and give those ends a rest. They’re old and need to be protected.

If your ends are breaking as fast as they’re growing, you will never see a difference in your hair length.


Using the best products for your hair, patience, getting exercise, natural hair treatments; all of this will only add to the healthiness of your hair and should be supplemented into your schedule as needed.

Well, there are my African American hair growth tips for you. Please comment below if you have any to add or any that I may have missed. Thanks for reading!

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