African American Hair Care & Tips

Dozens of African American hair care methods are out there today, but what you want to know is this: Which one is the best?

That’s an easy answer: The one that makes your hair healthy and happy!.

Taking care of your natural curls really isn’t as hard as you probably thought it would be.

Most of it’s mental stuff.

You know, re-learning just how beautiful your hair is.

All natural pH balanced hair

African American Hair Care

Now for the hard part.

Finding what works best for you and your hair, no matter where you are in your natural hair journey.

Before you start that, I recommend that you stop and take a minute to learn about African-American hair, both relaxed and natural. Because the more you know about your hair, the less there is to learn when the going gets tough.

Ever wondered how to grow hair fast?


This is a HUGE no-no!

Click here to read some of most common black hair myths!

Remember: Natural hair care doesn’t have to be hard. Learn to accept your hair for what it is and work with it, rather than hating it and trying to change it into something it’s not.

There are lots of tips just waiting for you, everything from how to no poo to how to get perfect braids!

First Year and Second Year Naturals:

The Care and Keeping of Natural Hair:

healthy african american hair

Click picture to learn how I wash Bunnies hair!

I get so many emails from people all around the world asking how to do this with their hair and how to do that with there but I am yet to get any emails from people asking how to stop hair breakage.

And learning how to stop breakage is they most important, hardest thing to learn.

I wish people would put more empathize on learning how to maintain and properly care for the hair that they already have on their head than trying to rush more growth.

Think about it, even if your hair suddenly grew a foot overnight, you wouldn’t know how to retain it anyway, so it would end up breaking off as well.

Lets work smarter and not harder ladies! You and your hair are worth it!

Let’s Put Natural Hair Care On The Map!!!

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