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These hairstyles can be done on all types as long as you change them as needed to fit your hair type.

how to do a Curly FrohawkCurly Frohawk

This is an artful blend of the braid and mohawk and lets girls get in on the fashion forward style that males have claimed as their territory. The stylist used a relaxed style sectioning technique and combined some varied skills from her arsenal. Girls with curly hair won’t lose that curl profile and those who don’t will gain a curly look by going the Frohawk way.

how to do a braided mohawkBraided Mohawk

Cornrows are uniform and neat with this style, which can be done on girls with long hair. Instead of descending cornrows, the stylist started at the hairline and worked toward the middle of the head so there’d be plenty of volume for the mohawk finish. Girls sport the neatness of the rows of braided hair, and are left with plenty of hair to fling and toss about.

How to do a two Stand TwistTwo Strand Twists

Two-strand Twists: No parting on this style gives it a free and sassy girl look. With double strands of hair dancing around each other in sweet closeness and finishing with enduring intertwining, girls with this look can have thickness in their flow of hair all around. It looks like a braided curtain trailing down her back and it sasses up her face as well

doing Zig Zag BraidsZig Zag Braids

Going for a tasty varietal style, girls with this look are making a statement about their individuality, their freedom and their heritage all at the same time. It’s the cornrow plus something extra style that will get a girl noticed. All hair is away from the face, showing what a cutie pie she is. Furthermore, with the upward lift, she can give the appearance of being taller, which might be just what a petite girl would want.

How to a real cornrow braid Cornrow Braids

Who doesn’t love beautiful cornrow braids? They aren’t hard to make when you learn the method. We will show you exactly how it is done in our easy video and step by step guides. Cornrows are great for girls of all ages. There are many types of cornrows but this one is really cool

different kind of ponytail stylesBraided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail: The ponytail all by itself is a girly treasure. With braids going away from the face, this style adds just a bit of height. The ponytail can be worn low, giving the back some glorious coverage. They can be touched off at the ends with accessories or a tied finish.

How to do a dutch braidDutch Braid

There’s something appealing about turning things upside down. This style does that to the traditional French braid. This braid has tension, but not too much. This style can help tidy up a girl’s scalp hair after a fresh washing, yet it offers free-flowing loose hair at the back. Really the braids are upside down with the stress of hair going underneath close to the scalp instead of close to the air.

how to do a real crown braidCrown Braid

What girl doesn’t want her own tiara? To have a crown grace her head says princess all the way. With a circular braid base and thinner braids intertwined, it becomes the glorious crown made from the girl’s own tresses.

how to make a four strand braidFour Strand Braid

Who said braids had to be done with three strands? This four-strand adds an almost checkerboard pattern to the finished braid. Unique and noticeably different, this braid style can be done in multiples all over the head.


how you can make a Rope BraidRope Braid

The rope braid is a different take on the two strand twist. With a looser hair flow, it can do wonders to keep hair more tame and organized without complicating matters. Girls like jump ropes and won’t mind having their hair styled like this jumping sensation favorite.

how to make a cute lady gaga hairstyleCute “Lady Gaga” Hairstyle

This hairstyle is really simply and you can do it in less than 30 minutes. This one combines cornrows and great looking ribbons. You can easily have 4 days of this style without getting messy hair at all. This is a beginner level style that you can practice easily.

how to make the Fishbone HairstyleFishbone Hairstyle

This style is done in a way that looks like the stylist is directing traffic or something. The hair sections used to make this style of braid are not even. Actually, the girl who sports this style has a flatter looking braid with a crisscross woven look. It can also be done in multiples.

how to do Braided Headbands

Braided Headband

No matter what you elect to do with the rest of the hair, you can capture the front hairline in a darling braided headband.If you go with a geometric design, all the better. This is another hair-as-accessory style that will make good use of the hair to accessorize and adorn the crown.

how to make your own Bantu KnotsBantu Knots

Nice, clean parted sections of hair can be done into knots that are also called Zulu knots by some people. Its a hairstyle for girls of all ages and its very easy to do. It is also very gentle for your hair so you can use it for days without damaging your hair. Beginner level and looks cool on little girls.

step by step to do The Big Chop hairstyleThe Big Chop

This is a short, chopped female style. The short hair shows off the face. The twists are short and tight.

Guide on how to do comb coilsComb Coils

These almost look like dreads. The sheen and uniformity gives it more definition. Some coil areas are thick, some are thin.

a guide to natural afro hairNatural Afro Hair

This is no mystery. It is ethnic and a charm for those with natural hair. The main caution with this style is that it is for even length hair. Aside from that, with a nice afro pick and good moisture, but not too much, this style can be winning in all kinds of ways and with all kinds of lengths.

how to do a cool Afro PuffAfro Puff

Swirly braids in the front, without going to the ends, will give another of those skillfully blended looks. The extra hair is taken up into a loose band of some sort. One big Afro puff can be used to finish off the style. Try to maintain the style every day for best look overall.

how to do a Upto BunUpdo Bun

Some thin crisscross braids filtering up from the back, along with unbraided hair can be swept into a bun at the top. The bun is created using a ponytail where the hair is tucked under all around and then pinned.

How to do Gel TwistsGel Twists

This gives short, shiny hair in multiple twists. The parts are very distinct. The twists don’t all go the same direction, giving an independent visual effect. I recommend using a 100% natural gel

how to do Messy BunsMessy Bun

Braids going from the face to just below the crown of the head can be finished off with a non-uniform bun. The bun should run rather low, not at the top. Clipping this messy bun will be a breeze if you don’t take yourself too seriously.

how to make Mini BunsMini Buns

With braided hair and loose hair, almost every strand on a little girls’ hair heads upward. One braid can face downward, serving as a facial bang. The rest goes up into a small, tight bun that looks good on any little girl.

Doing a great looking Cornrowed Updo HairstyleCornrowed Updo Hairstyle

Updos don’t have to be at the top of the head. This style has swirls of braids. At the nape of the neck the hair is gathered into a side ponytail.

how to do Braided BunsBraided Bun

Good girl hairstyle if you want to retain the length of your hair. it can be used for a long time and protects your hair. Such a good style for kids!

how to do Twisted Cornrowed UpdoTwisted Cornrowed Updo

Another Cornrow style for the more advanced hairdressers out There. This one has a twist and is more difficult to make.

how to do nice looking Braided PonytailBraided Ponytail

Every braid curves downward, with nice neat parts. The hair is then finished off at the bottom with a loose ponytail.

how you can do a cute ponytailCute Ponytail

It’s a race to the top! The braids are made from the frontal hairline to the crest and then the rest flows down. The style ends in a cascaded ponytail.

doing a casual updo hairstyleCasual Updo

One across the face braid. Then a few intersecting braids are linked to the back. The remaining hair is swept to the back into a bun

how to do real Black Hair TwistsBlack Hair Twists

The twists here don’t follow a rigid pattern. They are allowed to pile in the back. A flow of twists down the back gives this style back view appeal.

guide on how to do Pixie BraidsPixie Braid

Layers of braids make this fashion forward style. Parted on one side with more mass on one side than the other. When done, the layers of braids provide volume and depth.

How to do a Black Natural HairstyleBlack Natural Hairstyle

A hairline braid all across the front starts this style. After that, braids go in one direction. This will help a girl show off her facial assets.

How you can do Waffle CornrowsWaffle Cornrows

Cornrows are done in a waffle pattern on the head. The child then has a lot of cornrow braids going down her back. Finish it off with beads for a colorful array.

how to do black girl cornrowsCornrow Hairstyle

The cornrows with this style all head upward on both sides. The cornrows do not go all the way to the middle. Braided twists at the back flow downward in layers.

tutorial on how to do spider cornrowsSpider Cornrows

These flowing cornrows are thin and curvy. A web design ensures a unique look. The cornrows are gathered together in a few places into stacked mini buns.

the complete guide on how to do the alicia keys braidsAlicia Keys Braids

Braids that flow with the natural hairline give a tribute to Alicia Keys. One middle braid gives this style distinction. The center braid also breaks up the symmetry with a nice unique touch at the end.

a guide on Woven Cornrows MohawkWoven Cornrows Mohawk

This style features a criss cross pattern of cornrows. Two tiny braidlettes at the nape of the neck give it a neat effect. Some of the hair is mohawked in the middle and gathered in rubber bands and tucked.

tutorial on how to do bun hairstylesBun Hairstyle

Two small braids merge at the back in the middle. After that, braids are brought from the earline upward. Some finish off at the top in a gathered bun.

How to do a Down Hairstyle yourselfDown Hairstyle

X’s mark the spot. Braids are small and precise with this style. They make their way to the back and are gathered in a clip that make it style look nicer.

how to do cornrows for black womenCornrows for Women

These cornrows go in circles. They are braided going around the circumference of the head. Neat circular parts make this a stunner.

how one can do rope twistsRope Twists

Braids can end with twists. In this combo style the braids go upward. They are finished at the top with twists in a high ponytail.

How to do great looking nubian-twistsNubian Twists

This has twists in layer after layer. Numerous sections of hair are twisted tight and neat. The ultimate effect is a voluminous mass of twists. A great African American style that man famous actors in USA are doing today.

tutorial on how to do senegalese-twistsSenegalse Twists

Long, flowing twists give this a nice bit of shade. The twists have the flexibility to be piled high at the top, allowed to hang low or go into a ponytail. Those with long hair, or who want it through extensions can rock this style.

How to do Natural Hairstyle for TeensNatural Hairstyle for Teens

Flowing loose twists go across the facial line like a headband. They are then treated to an actual headband, placed a little back from the standard location. Loose hair in the back can be put in a ponytail or bun to make the overall look perfect

How to do a Willow Smith Inspired HairstyleWillow Smith Inspired Hairstyle

Willow Smith does her own thing well. This style has several components. There are braids aplenty. Some are gathered in a type of upflowing Mohawk. Looser twists along the sides are nonuniform, making a statement of individuality.

how to do a Little Girl HairstyleLittle Girl Hairstyle

Little girls like to mix it up. With this style, there is a geo-pattern of braids on one side. The other side has a layer of twists flowing down one side of the face. In the back are twists in rubber bands.

how you can do Iversion Braids & Box BraidsIversion Braids & Box Braids

The braids here look like a pentagon when viewed from the top. One, ever-thickening braid from the forehead to the back serve as a dividing line. Loose box braids flow from the crown beneath a braided bun.

complete tut on how to do Side Iversion Braids & Rope TwistsSide Iversion Braids & Rope Twists

Weaving brilliance brings this style to pass. The linear direction of the braids and their interconnections make this a stand-out style. Some braids and twist flow together in the back in gathered groups.

this is a twist out on 100% natural hairTwist Out On Natural Hair

Springy thick twists form a cascade with this style. On one side of the part are twists that move away from the face. On the other side of the part the twists are very face dominant.

how to do cage braids the right wayCage Braid

Most of the hair is down. There are just a few intervals of gathered hair meeting in the middle. Where the meetings occur, a down the center braid intersects. A beautiful princess hairstyle

how to do a real feather hairstyleFeather Hairstyle

A braid at the hairline will show off pixie facial features. The hair in the back is gathered into a thick, low ponytail. A feather can be gathered in with the ponytail and placed on top.

guide to show you how to do your own side twist outSide Twist Out

Spiraly twists are thick at the top and narrow at the bottom. Layers of twists are piled on top of other layers of twists. The asymmetric style puts more hair on one side.

a guide to twisted side braid on black girlsTwisted Side Braid

Hair is gathered to one side in this braid fashion. The hair is then braided with no set distinction in the volume braided in each of the three strands. The result, a non-uniform loose braid.

how to do a cute rihanna hairstyleRihanna Hairstyle

The twist starts at the hairline and continues at the ends of the hair. This feature is on both sides. The back and side hair is not all committed to the twists. Loose while tidy, the length of hair still shows.

guide on how to do mini fishtail braidsMini Fishtail Braids

For the girl who likes the idea of a super neat ponytail, there are few options better than the Mini Fishtail Braid. This combines loose hair in a rubber band with a fishtail in the middle, followed by a loose flow of hair. a cute style for kids in opinion.

guide on how to do african ghana braidsGhana Braids

No rubber bands hold this hair, with braids that start at the root. A little lift gives the braids some character. The braids mostly go down and back.

how to straighten your natural hairHow to Straighten Natural Hair

Looking to straighten your hair without damaging it? this guide will show you how to do that step by step. After your hair is straight new hairstyles can be made.

overview of many different Shoulder Length HairstylesShoulder Length Hairstyle

Girls with long hair will love this style. It shows off their hair with little adornment. A front tri-lined part that would normally be used for bangs flow into a stream in the back. A few braids help give the style some pop. The hair is gathered at the back in a ponytail and tucked underneath.

great looking hairstyles for parties and how you can do themParty Hairstyles

It’s her party and she wants to look fabulous. Give her a crisp look with an array of twists. Nice neat parts and her favorite rubber bands give her a pop of order and color. Hair swept up on one side and looser on the other will make her feel like having a party all by herself.

tutorial on how you can do christmas hairstylesChristmas Hairstyles

In intersection of braids going east/west and then north/south will make her brim with merriment. The loose braids in the back are layered, times three.

the best looking hairstyle for teens and African americansHairstyles for Teens

Whether your daughter just turned 13 or you are looking for a cool hairstyle yourself, this page will show you a variety of beautiful hairstyles for teens!

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Hair care is such an important subject for me personally. I Have done it my whole life and I continue to learn more about braiding or other hairstyles every day. I love that these hairstyles can change the way you look completely. If you want to start doing braiding styles yourself, remember to start out with clean hair that you have washed with shampoo and conditioner. After that you will have to detangle all of your hair and make sure that it is 100% moisturized.
Thanks again for dropping by my website about all the different braiding styles for black women and girls. Have a great day!

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