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I have such an amazing life, where the heck do I begin?!


My alias is Dominique-Alexis “D-A” and my mom and I created Natural Hair Care Info at my dinner room table back in 2010.

I never thought it would grow this big! According to Alexa Rank, we are now one of the most visited natural hair websites in the world with over 250,000 page views a month and counting!

Come meet my family! They’re awesome!


About Us:


Mom & Pop (the one holding my nephew) are centered and us kids pretty much fill the cracks of their lives with lots of joy and happiness!

I just so happen to be the middle child of eleven (my oldest sister not pictured :() siblings – five older sisters, four younger brothers, and one little sister.

I get so much help from my family – they let me practice in their hair and bring me snacks when I’m in a blogging frenzy!

Why’d you go natural?

Going natural was a family affair! All my older sisters, my mom, and I ALL went natural together. We learned how to care for our hair and we definitely help each other out.

Why’d you start a website?

I wrote my first novel when I was thirteen years old and I’ve been writing ever since. My mom was the one who suggested I write about my latest passion (natural hair care) and one thing led to another.

Familiar faces!
A few people you’ll be seeing a lot!


I’m D-A and I’m eighteen years young!

Since creating NHCI, I’ve learned lots and lots about social media, HTML, CSS, and so much more!

Having a successful site enables me to work from home and travel and go to hair shows while technically “working”! I love what I do and I hope to be the owner of a natural hair salon one day.

Every single day my dad tells me “learn all you can while you can”, which means never stop trying to learn. That’s pretty much become my motto for life =D!

My mom home schooled me for twelve years and I just graduated from high school this past May. Woohoo, thanks mom and dad! More than anything I want to be a famous hair stylist! No, I don’t wanna work behind a chair for a living, I wanna travel the global and do hair for celebrities, models, and actors. I would LOVE to see my work in magazines, on TV, and on runways!

I love hanging out with my friends, writing, working with little kids, doing hair, and shopping! I play flute, cello, and flute. I sing a little, too! Music is a huge part of my life so I guess it makes sense that my Multiple Intellgence is musical/bodily kinesthetic.

I was practically born in the gym and, even though I’m retired, I still love gymnastics! If this hair thing doesn’t work out, I would love to join a circus and become a professional contortionist!

I am currently an honor student at the Paul Mitchell of Nashville. I would love for you to come see me and have me do your hair!


bestThis is “Bunny”, or “B” for short!

She’s eleven years old and is hyper ALL the time!

When she’s not swinging, tumbling, and jumping around in the gym, she’s swinging, tumbling, and jumping off anything and anyone.

She’s the youngest girl in the family and loves gymnastics and dancing!

Her favorite animals are horses and she’s obsessed with Justin Bieber!

She’s been dying to learn how to run a website so she’s constantly looking over my shoulder while I’m blogging so she can learn tips and tricks.

B is a writer like my mom and I, and she likes to think up stories and write them down to show people. She’s great in school and wants to work with me in my hair salon!

bestLast but not least, eight year old “X”!

Being the youngest in the family is very hard, according to X.

He likes Transformers Prime, lunch, and dinner.

Couldn’t get much else out of him, sorry =(


You can connect with us via any of the social platforms in the right, top corner of this site. You can sign up for updates from this site by subscribing to my RSS feed for instant alerts or get a monthly summary in our newsletter! Newsletter signs up are on the side bar!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Feel free to ask questions about my hair, Bunny’s hair, my sisters’ hair, or anything else about us I didn’t cover above on our contact page here!
How was that for a very first about us page hehe =D

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